Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sophie Lancaster / ILLAMASQUA

funded a video that will be shown sometime today during a commercial break for The Hills. This short film is dedicated to one individual named Sophie Lancaster. In 2007, she was stomped on and kicked to death by a group of teens all because she and her boyfriend were "goths" and dressed differently.

If you... don't watch The Hills very often, like myself, take a look at the video that will be shown during the commercial break here:

I'm just posting this to raise awareness of her charity and to remind people to think twice, before judging, insulting, or even attacking someone just because they dress or live a certain lifestyle.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Make-Up & McQueen , RAWRRR

Sooo I made it on the website :)

cool :)

It was fun and I'm ready for the next :) yahoo!

BTW <3333 I love Gaga's new Vid for "Bad Romance"


Oh and many thanks to Vener <3 for letting me know about the "Bad Romance Remix" by Chew Fu (yoochoob it guys)

THAT IS ALL... bye bye :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture show =)

Super easy stuff, nothin to it :) I love doing looks from one of my fave movies <3


October is over and done with but I'm not done doing all these other looks... LOL Lemme see, I'll post some of the ones I did so far. Lately I've been lazy haha, but Imma get it together!! I haven't gone out and purchased a digital cam.....yet, but I will soon, but I did take "good enough" pics with my Blackberryyyy <3 CHEE!

P.S. About the interview with MAC, I decided to wait, I'm not ready guys! I have to practice on others before I go in and do it, or else it's gonna look all crappy on the day of, and I'm just gonna run out and cry and make a fool out of myself.... *k that was too much* :P

enjoy =)

Dia De Los Muertos mask <3