Monday, October 26, 2009

Why can't she just be happy for me?

It's so obvious that I'm addicted to makeup. I love them all.... ok well not all. There are some shitty brands that put out shitty products. I like how makeup can transform you into someone else...... It's always been a dream to be a makeup artist but its hard to make it when people keep telling you, you can't.


I have to stop this non-sense of listening to these people and prove that I can do it.... So many people are encouraging me to pursue this because they believe in me but I can't believe ONE, just one person, a very important one, feels the complete opposite. Why can't my mom see that makeup makes me happy? Why can't she take this industry serious? I know parents are suppose to tell you right from wrong and look out for you and tell you what's right. But I believe at one point or another parents just need to let their kids decide and take a chance. If they fail then so be it they can try again or move on to the next.

My mom taught me alot of things and right now she's teaching me how to be unsupportive. She thinks my current job is the best thing next to being a nurse. What is it about filipino parents and their dream about their kids becoming a nurse, doctor, dentist, or any other career in the medical field? Most filipino parent(s) I know LOVE the idea that their child are pursuing a career in the medical field. There are other options ya know -_- I told my mom that if I was hired as a FT makeup artist I would GLADLY leave my current job and that ticked her off. LMAO It was funny. I must admit I expected that since I disappointed her years earlier after breaking the news that (listen to this 5 second clip after reading that >>) I WOULD NEVER BECOME A NURSE.

Obviously makeup makes me happy and I guess my mom doesn't see that. She'd rather I work where I currently do (fucking dead end job with stupid management) and be completely unhappy. I remember seeing the look in my dad's eyes when he told me he hated his job (and he's worked there for over 16 years. I don't want that to be me! He had 2 children, a wife, a dog, a mortgage, cars, and all that goodness..... He had to do what he had to do. I, on the other hand, am not married and don't have any kids.....So I can choose what I want dammit!! :p

I hate where I work and I've been there too damn long, I need a change, I've been given an oppurtunity to do so and I'm grabbin' it.... if I at least get a PT position, that'll be good @ least I got my foot in the door, ha! :)