Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Respect the Pooper!

BITCH ASS HOE, CAN YOU PEE NICELY? ... I need to vent, lol.

It only took a minute but I'd rather be spending that minute doing something else. Fuck, this past weekend I had to clean pee of my precious pooper because some guests didn't know how to aim. Seriously guys if you're @ home, then fine, spray the damn walls of your bathroom with piss. But if you're going to a friend's/relative's house you should be considerate and watch where your schlong is pointing when you're pissin'. You know what? I have to start over...

I don't really know if I should put the blame on a male or female because.... you ready for this? There was a foot print on my toilet seat. WHAT THE F***?? UGHHHH! goodness! Y'all know what I'm talkin about... I know you got that one aunty, one cousin, one nana that squats with two feet on the toilet seat to pee. Pee any way you want just fucking clean up after yourself! I nearly used 1/2 of my Lysol to disinfect the exterior of my pooper! BOO!

And you know what? that footprint was dirty as fuck, took me a while to rub that shit off... and I KNOW IT WAS A FOOTPRINT because I see little toe shapes, you don't need a detective to figure that out.

Plain and simple, if you're gonna pee with an uncontrollable schlong, you mind as well pee outside guys.... and for you squatters out there.... wtf man? you can bring some sanitary seat covers and pee the regular way or aim better or better yet pls have clean feat when you do it. I mean damn.... give me a break.