Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ZOMG !!!! jakey jakey <3

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-wee! :)


OMFG, Team Jacob!! ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HP, how I've missed you <3

soooooo tis that time again :)

We've all waited a while, can't wait to see numero 6 of the Harry Potter series :)
Ron makes a hot Quidditch Captain hehehehehehehehe ;) RAWR!

Speaking of HP, I picked up a new Harry Potter tote at Hot Topic the other day, I swear I told myself to just go there and pick up the clear lip studs, but on the way to the glass case I passed the most prettiest HP bag (says Hogwarts on it) and a few cute hair bows hahaha :)

Then on my way out guess what I found! (I didn't buy them tho haha, should I? hahaha :P) I bet my sister would've bought these. She's more of a Twilight fan than I am! They also had new Twilight jewelry like a bracelet with red jewels and lion and lamb charms. It was really cute but it was $20, yikes!

FYI, I'm surprised my mom and dad are pretty chill about my new piercing LOL :) yay

MAC collections 2009

I swear MAC needs to slow down man! I just read about new collections coming up this year and I am muy excited to see them in person! Did I mention there will be new polishes? hrmmm that I will have to think twice about getting because well most of them suck, but there's one called COOL REVERSE that caught my eye :)

How am I gonna save for my wedding if I can't break this habit? I say MAC should stop coming out with new stuff, lol

ZOMG did I just say that? hahahaha, ok MAC don't stop :)

So the things that I am O_O for are:

-Eyeshadows / Shadow Quads!!!
-Sculpt n Shapes
-Volcanic Ash [omfg I nearly died when I read about this, totally missed this when it came out]
-Look Boxes
and moreeeee!

ahahahahahahahad;ljfads;lkfjad;lfjadlfjdaslfjaslfj omfg *_* I'm starry-eyed now, someone save me

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Out of 7's

I was out of #7 Lashes, so I went and got more.... and I can't believe I didn't get these earlier. I also bought Gold Deposit MSF (I love MSF's!) and Viva Glam III. That particular Viva Glam is sooooooooo pretty! :) well then I went to get a pretty gem. >>>

I love them Garlic Balls

Yay Bravos :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Darumasanga Koronda!

I love Super Junior :)
this particular episode from their show a while back is soooooo darn entertaining :) Of course my favorite it Heechul :) (he's in the Orange shirt) <3333333333333333333333 He never fails to make me laugh hehehehehe not to mention all the other guys in the group are so dang hot :)

from Edward Cullen?

OMFG like totally?

Nooo haha, these lip balms are cute tho :) Smells good and Edward is on the packaging, I'm sold! :) they were from my cousin Richelle [Thanks Rich! :)], I believe she got them from ebay ^___^

Well speaking of Twilightttttttt, I think my dad was bugged out when he my wallpaper. What do you think? HAHAHHAHA ;P

What can I say? I'm all googley eyed for this wolf :)

Cleaned Out

Omg, I've never ever ever met anyone that cleaned out a game machine. LOL, whoa >> Well I'm sure some people before him played the machine but geez, 4000+??? my goodness :P


Mannn this night was fun fun fun, Vener, Bobby, we're playing SUPER TRIVIA again! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Press Replay

Miyavi & Kai, soooooooo cute :)

Requiem - Miyavi

for my sister and brother-n-law who asked "What was that song, where the singer sounded like he was dying?" LOOL. That's how it's suppose to be sung, t.y.very.much haha here:

apparently he is married and is expecting a child :)... kinda surprised, I always thought he was.... well nevermind that.

BAH! It's nearly 4am and I can't sleep.


OH YES, WATCH, LISTEN, AND WELL.... you can thank me later.
I still love this song, sad story though.


Soooo the addiction lives LOL. I admit I am addicted to makeup and the cool things you can do with it, but I am most googley eyed for highlighting powders, MAC Beauty Powder blusher, and MSFs (Mineralized Skin Finish). I got a couple of things from the new MAC collection.

-Buzz l/g
-Pollinator e/s
-Honey Light highlighting powder
-Golden Nectar highlighting powder
-Prep & Prime Line Filler (not included in the collection but perm...I think)
-Fast Response Eye cream (<< also not included in the collection but perm, I love this stuff)

Again, I can't stop at one store and not visit the one next door. Sephora finally recieved their shipment of the Dior Addict Lip Glow. I was on it after they called me, hahahha. I've been waiting a while for that and I must say I am a happee camper :)

Soooo Stupid

What this woman did was stupid. Too bad so sad, she should've known of the consequences at one point. In the paper it didn't say exactly what was posted on myspace, but my sister told me and I couldn't believe she posted that. I believe she posted the client's name, revealed that she had AIDS, and mentioned something like she hoped the client would die of her illness..... and she later did. O_O 22 years old, 3 kids (including a 5month old btw), and she's off to jail. Total bummer.

Oh well, I want a Java Chip frappe right now :)

Waimea something

Lookie look! I recently had dinner with my relatives at Monterrey Bay Canners. I was a bit scared to go to that restaurant because I heard there was a headless ghost that shows itself in the bathrooms O_o. Anywaysssss the food was great and so were the desserts. I took a picture of mine and it was called Waimea _____. I kind forgot what it was called but basically it had a brownie on the bottom with vanilla ice cream on top, whip cream on the side, a "wave" made of this vanilla stuff, and a surfer.... that tasted like cracker.... hahahaha sorry for the horrible description.... sadly to say the surfer was the first to go :P

Guess Whooooo

Soooo finally hung out with this guy since foreversss. We usually take pictures but this day we forgot and well I took a picture of his arm. Manly isn't it? LOOL. He's gonna kill me for this, but oh well! Anywho we went to watch, UP, which BTW was an awesome movie! :) haha.

Lookie look!! I took this pic too of an upcoming movie of one of my favorite books!! OMG I was like >> O_O, hopefully it's not disappointing. If I'm not mistaken it does say October 16th, yay! *_*, there were lots of HP banners for the 6th movie but didn't take any pics of those lolz.