Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Respect the Pooper!

BITCH ASS HOE, CAN YOU PEE NICELY? ... I need to vent, lol.

It only took a minute but I'd rather be spending that minute doing something else. Fuck, this past weekend I had to clean pee of my precious pooper because some guests didn't know how to aim. Seriously guys if you're @ home, then fine, spray the damn walls of your bathroom with piss. But if you're going to a friend's/relative's house you should be considerate and watch where your schlong is pointing when you're pissin'. You know what? I have to start over...

I don't really know if I should put the blame on a male or female because.... you ready for this? There was a foot print on my toilet seat. WHAT THE F***?? UGHHHH! goodness! Y'all know what I'm talkin about... I know you got that one aunty, one cousin, one nana that squats with two feet on the toilet seat to pee. Pee any way you want just fucking clean up after yourself! I nearly used 1/2 of my Lysol to disinfect the exterior of my pooper! BOO!

And you know what? that footprint was dirty as fuck, took me a while to rub that shit off... and I KNOW IT WAS A FOOTPRINT because I see little toe shapes, you don't need a detective to figure that out.

Plain and simple, if you're gonna pee with an uncontrollable schlong, you mind as well pee outside guys.... and for you squatters out there.... wtf man? you can bring some sanitary seat covers and pee the regular way or aim better or better yet pls have clean feat when you do it. I mean damn.... give me a break.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Monday, June 14, 2010


Assumption is the worst. :)

This is random but remember Moulin Rouge? <3 or course you do! enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Violet died today :(

My fighting fishie, Violet, died today :( :( :(

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this draw the number "6" int he air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction and there's nothing you can do about it.


Endlessly, She said - AFI

Love AFI
Love this song :)

Walked into our world and made
Horrible sounds.
I can still hear them today
(strangely they seem)
Beautiful now,
though they outlast my love.

Still each time I always meant,
Every word,
Every one.
Though in time they finally bent,
Every word,
Every one.

Every word.

"I will wait for you." She said,
"I will wait for you." So spoke,

I returned to you but found,
My empty home.
The radio told me to stay.
As it burned down
I sang alone.
You will outlast my love.

Still each time I always meant,
Every word,
Every one.
Though in time they finally bent,
Every word,
Every one.

Every word.

"I will wait for you." She said,
"I will wait for you." So spoke,


I have been waiting for you,
Biting as you taught me to.
I have come to relieve you,
Of life and love.

I will wait for you.
I will wait for you.
I will wait for you.

I will wait.

I will wait.

"I will wait for you." She said,
"I will wait for you." So spoke,

"I will wait for you"
Wait for you,

"I will wait for you."
So spoke.

So spoke,

I will bite straight through.
As I wait for you

Monday, February 1, 2010

More family in WA ;) :) :)

So, I was chatting with my cousin Michael in Seattl lastnight... more like til early in the morning lol. So cool to find out I have more cousins in WA that I've never met and better yet, triplets! haha

Man I want to get some Orange Tree right now :( too bad they're closed

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MAC : Studio Talk

So fun :)

I haven't been a MAC class or Studio Talk. First time was fun ! ;) Class was informative and you get free stuff for participating in class! Unfortunately I was the same way I was in high school... shy, haha. No but seriously I should have participated... they gave lipgloss and e/s to those who did! :) haha.
Well at the end of the class I just got a few items but didn't take pics of them all :P

Comfort Mineralized SkinFinish
Florida Cremeblend Blush
Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush
Brush Cleaner
PenUltimate Brow Marker (loveeeee)
Tet-A-Tint e/s
Winkle e/s
Atlantic Blue e/s
Goldenrod e/s
Brick Red e/s
Rich Life pigment

Beautiful Ending

<3 I love this song
Barlow Girl - Beautiful Ending

"We wrote the lead single "Beautiful Ending" out of fear from seeing so many leaders of the faith becoming distracted by their calling, forsaking Christ as their first love, and ultimately coming to a tragic end. It is our prayer that we do not come distracted by the things of the world and that we will end in the arms of Christ."

Obvious Lie

My **** must think I'm seriously stupid or something.
How dare she call me on a Sunday Jan 17th and inform me that I work the next day, Monday Jan 18th (which is my reg. day off). Her explanation is "it was decided last week that you would work on Monday but it wasn't included on the final print out of the schedule." What the eff?

I find it hard to believe that it was "decided" the week before and somehow **** "forgot" to put it on there. Yeah-fucking-right. My **** totally hogged the damn schedule from the rest of the staff last week and didn't let anyone see it till later and somehow she "overlooked" that particular day. Psh, whatevs.

I know we've been totally short handed at work and she needs support from her staff but she can't keep "forgetting" to tell us that our schedule has changed, especially the day before because she doesn't know if we have plans... duh :p I say she can't KEEP "forgetting" to tell us because this has happened before with my other co-workers who noticed her reg day off was switched around and wasn't notified. That's pretty fucked up.

When I told her flat out "I'm not coming to work tmrw", she has the balls to ask why. Seriously? You're telling me that I work the next day when that's suppose to be my day off and you think I'm gonna drop everything and cancel the appointments I made to come in to work? Nope. I don't think so.

Then she rambles on and on about how she's mentioned sometime last month that I would work the next holiday and how she's giving my co-worker a day off because she "made sacrifices to come in on her days off in the past" and she's aware of it. I don't recall the conversation about me working the next holiday and when **** saw the schedule she even pointed out that SHE's working the holiday and not me. How the hell is she aware of it when she flat out told me I'm off that day? Heller.

Why... why do I waste my time there??