Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MAC collections 2009

I swear MAC needs to slow down man! I just read about new collections coming up this year and I am muy excited to see them in person! Did I mention there will be new polishes? hrmmm that I will have to think twice about getting because well most of them suck, but there's one called COOL REVERSE that caught my eye :)

How am I gonna save for my wedding if I can't break this habit? I say MAC should stop coming out with new stuff, lol

ZOMG did I just say that? hahahaha, ok MAC don't stop :)

So the things that I am O_O for are:

-Eyeshadows / Shadow Quads!!!
-Sculpt n Shapes
-Volcanic Ash [omfg I nearly died when I read about this, totally missed this when it came out]
-Look Boxes
and moreeeee!

ahahahahahahahad;ljfads;lkfjad;lfjadlfjdaslfjaslfj omfg *_* I'm starry-eyed now, someone save me

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