Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tokidoki Frenzies, indeed <3

Sooooo when John and my sister were here on vaca, we went shopping and stopped at Metropark. I knew they had tokidoki thangs but I didn't know they had the frenzies! I was pretty excited about that cause I've been looking everywhere for them aside from buying them online. I picked maybe like three of them and the rest I left it to my sister. Good thing I did cause she picked out different ones! LOL woohoo! We also stopped by Prototype in PearlRidge and had her pick for me too, and she got different ones again! haahaha, for that I gave her some of the loot. I bought most of the bigger ones and am on the hunt for the smaller ones. :) I told my sissypoo that I wanted to superhero character and omfg she came through, she probably has x-ray skills or something :) Now I want the rainbow and peach, bring it on blind boxes >>

^^ My sissy's bag and her frenzies <3

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