Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA 2009


Kanye, you're such an ass. You could've made that Beyonce statement after the show or something not while Taylor was accepting the award.

It's great that you've apologized but I really don't believe it, I believe you're going to continue being rude at award shows like this..... don't be bummed cause haven't won much from your nominations LMAO.

AND of course I can't mention this years VMA w/o Lady Gaga.

LOL that red number she wore was just..... something LOL. I must say I did like outfit she arrived in (yeah I really did), but the others that she wore were crazyyyy!! hahahah like that bird nest around her face towards the end of the show heheheh :P

Oh well, she's an entertainer and lives up to it.

Ugh, aight then I'm off, gonna play Restaurant City and then dream of Russell Brand <3

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