Monday, July 6, 2009

Tracing is cool

Tracing is cool but not with a permanent pen.... lol

How was everyone's 4th of July weekend? I had a swell time spending it with my family :) I finally got to see my estranged sister after 5 fucking years of no contact what-so-ever. No calls on holidays, no letters, no email, no text, no nothing! Not even a fricken drop of info about her two year old daughter, which no one knew about until her recent visit. I mean wtf, you know if she wants to hold a grudge on our family then whatevs. I wonder how my dad feels when she doesn't call on holidays or his birthdays or more so how he felt when he met his granddaughter for the first time lastnight. o_O oh well..... She made her choices years ago dunno why she's distancing herself from us.

It's your fault and don't try to blame anyone else but yourself!

omfg I'm sorry, no more venting LOL. I need a drink... maybe a couple :) >>

woo for Green Apple Martinis :) the gentlemen in the background is mr_bobby_o :) ehehehhehe see I blocked you out. Aight then over and out, bye!

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