Monday, July 13, 2009

You husband

sooooooooo :)

I just came back from a grad party at Keehi Lagoon. The party didn't totally suck because I saw some people I knew and luckily my mom chose a table that was next to Ty. Thank god for Ty being there or else I might have been bored LOL. Well anyways they had a Tahitian dance thingy and a really awful band that sang off key (quite entertaining). The M.C. was an older filipino woman who kept referring to her husband. I think while announcing door prizes she would say "The winner of the next doorprize recieves..... my husband". She also used her "husband" as the answer to a few of her jokes, poor guy must be wondering if she's gone mad. haha :P For the door prizes they gave away vases [don't ask] and ceramics like these:

oh yeah and I'm having a salad party! wanna come?

well I'm off to bed, bb is on the phone now, and I have an appt tmrw with the dentist! YAY :)

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